Sunday, November 21, 2010

new list

Before heading off for Sunday School, I was working on I Am Thankful For list. I have a long list of what I am thankful for including: home,husband, family, health, freedom, having too many things, a good retirement system, not having to carry drinking water in a bucket, not worrying when I hear the sound of aircraft overhead, and the list goes on. Have you thought all the things that we take for granted? Aren't  we fortunate people???


  1. We are most blessed than we can possibly realize.

  2. Indeed, we ARE fortunate and blessed.

  3. You're right. Living in a free country with clean water is a blessing. I'm going to start a list, too.

  4. oh yes, I have lots to be thankful for. At 77 years of age I really feel blessed to be able to do as much as I do.... like quilting (hehe) and yard work (yuck). I am thankful for my blogging friends for without all of you I'd be lonely.

    We did the thankful list once at a club meeting and one of the members said she was thankful for clean sheets. We all got a kick out of that but yes, that's something to be thankful for.


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