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 I was reared on a tobacco farm in Eastern North . I LOVE sewing!! My love develop when I joined a 4H Club in the 7th grade. Near the end of the school year, the leader gave out patterns for a dog pillow and a cat pillow (head only). She showed us how to do some hand embroidery and how the finished product should look. I took the pattern home and my Mom helped me make a blue corduroy dog pillow. I was hooked!! My Mom did not mind my sister and I using the sewing machine. I went to East Carolina University and earned a Home Economics degree. Later , I earned a Master's degree in Exceptional Children. I taught both subjects a total of 35 years. When Georgia Bonesteel came on TV, I became interested in quilting. Unfortunately, I never finished a quilt. I even ordered her first Lap Quilting materials ( it was not a book at that time). I did make quite a few blocks...I have to say that is the part I like best. About 10 years ago, I seriously got interested.

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  1. I am having so much trouble finding scouting fabric - I have been asked to make a cub scout quilt and need some fabric for this --- can you tell me where you found the scouting fabric?


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