Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet String Blocks Tutorial


                                                          This is my first tutorial. Please feel free to offer comments to help me
                                                            improve. To make quick and easy string blocks, you need your ruler, rotary cutter, mat, fabric softener dryer sheets and a variety of scrap fabrics. The pieces of fabric do not have to be a specific size.

Think...Do you want all the blocks in your quilt going the same direction or do you want to make a design??  If you want to make the blocks all going the same direction, be sure to always place the center strip going right to left or left to right.  This picture shows a possible layout. if all your blocks go the same way, you may want to add a sashing around them.

The purple was the first strip, the pink dots strip was sewed to it. Finger press second strip so it lays flat.

                            Place your next strip down (right sides together). Check to see that the strip is long enough to cover the sheet.
                                                                     Finger press the strip you just sewed and add another strip.
Finger press. Now you are read to start on the second half. Add your strip & sew.
Add next strip.
Add final strip.  if you have a tiny corner not covered...add another strip. You may want to make the seam wide enough to have more of corner color to show.  Trim seam if you made it wider than 1/4 inch.

                     Press block. Turn it wrong side up. Use your ruler & rotary cutter to trim along edge of dryer sheet. Continue making blocks until you have desired number. Measure all blocks...all dryer sheets are not the same size. The smallest size will determine size to trim all blocks.


  1. Very understandable instructions! Are the dryer sheets used ones and do you then press them or are they new? I like that they would be lighter than muslin. Thanks,

  2. another use for used fabric softener sheets... cool.


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