Monday, February 28, 2011

More Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival pics

My favorite!!

Love this water scene.

Love that paper  piecing!!

I could find a place to hang this one !!

Great landscape!

So realistic!!!
 I wish I could say that I made one of the above, but I didn't. What works of art!! It was so inspiring...I am ready to start stitching!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New family member

Look at my newest family member!!! She'll be arriving in 2 weeks!!! I am sooo excited!!! Just  like shopping for a new baby...M bobbins, cones of quilting thread, needles and pantographs!!!! I bought 
it (her) at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia.

This is not me... but look at some of the books available.

look at the fabrics!!

There were plenty of patterns and samples to see!!
No one could say there were not plenty of hand dyed wools, Batiks, fat quarters, half yard cuts, as well as yardage to purchase. What a selection of patterns, threads and notions!!!  Numerous home, mid and long arm machines to "test drive"!!!   Mor pictures later of what I bought and pictures of quilts that were on display.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Looking for a snack???

I found this recipe for Oreo Truffles ( on a Board I read...I think I will make them when I have to do guild meeting refreshments. They are super easy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scatty Christmas Stars blocks

I finally got the Christmas QuiltAlong blocks made. One of the yellows is the same in both blocks.  I hoped to get them completed on Monday, BUT I teach a beginners Quilting class on Monday and Tuesday at the local Community College. Next month , I will be ready as I now have the fabrics picked out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Quilt Along Final pic

Here is the completed tabletopper. It really is square, but I did not do a good job hanging it. I like the outside border print as it is wintery and I can use it several months next winter. The pattern in the kit  showed using fall colors ...I think I will do it that way later on. It seems it would look good in any fabrics. I learned alot making it. I am going to make the stars blocks later today....if I can decide on the fabric!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Christmas Quilt Along

Four paper pieced trees will be in the big pieces when paper piecing!!!  Moving along quickly!!!

Christmas Quilt Along blocks

I made 4 stars...two of each color. I love the uneven points and the braid centers.  Moving along!!!

Christmas Quilt Along braids

I am working on a tabletopper kit I ordered from Connecting Thread ... it was on clearance so the price couldn't be beat!!! These are part of the braids I made...they were very easy to make...they look hard. they are used in several places in the topper. More later!!

Tired of being a stripper!!

A wallpaper stripper that is!! Only one wall left and it is a short one over the sink cabinet!! That will have to wait until about Wednesday of next week ...I am fizzled out for the day. I did a wall yesterday and this morning, my husband said he would help me on the longest wall. Four hours later, we finished it. I think he thought I was slow, but he found out that the wallpaper remover is about worthless. I have had plenty of arm exercise. We are not in a hurry on getting this done....the tub and tile will come down next, so we can have a walk in shower. Thankfully, we have two full baths.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Did You Read This????

A friend was de-stashing and sent me some fabric. In the bottom of the bag was a newspaper print fabric with this story. (see pic of the newspaper fabric above).

Police Officer Jim Schneider was first to arrive on the scene of a domestic disturbance where a man was found buried under an extraordinarily large pile of fabric. Neighbors reported hearing muffled cries for help and phoned police to investigate. Upon arriving at the home, police made their way through mounds of quilting and sewing supplies to find the man, Thomas Baker, buried under what appeared to be a huge cache of fabric. The fabric apparently belonged to the victim’s wife, who was out, at a fabric sale, at the time of the incident. “I told that husband of mine not to go in there” his wife. Estelle, said. “It’ll probably take me three weeks to get those fabrics back in the right piles”. “Darn fool husband”. When asked about his wife’s rather large fabric collection, Baker, who was fine once he was freed from the pile of fabric, was quoted as saying , “You should see the room that holds all of her notions!”

I found this on a forum I read!!! It's so funny!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A fight in the Bathroom!!!

Do you know what this is???? It's the tool from H---!! We are going to take the tub out of one bathroom and have a walkin shower added. I decided that I would like the walls painted. The wallpaper is supposed to be strippable, but it is not. I have to use the scorer ( I call it a claw) to punch little holes in the paper. Next, a special spray is sprayed on and wait 15 minutes and it is SUPPOSED to peel off in large pieces. NOT!!! I think spit would work as well. I have one strip the width of wallpaper only took 2 hours!!! I was hoping to get a wall hoo!!