Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest projects

A "nonquilty" friend (she handquilts but does not sew) had a "quilty" friend give her several boxes of fabric, panels, blocks, UFOs, etc.  She asked me if I wanted them....It's like winning a "major award"!!! The Lion king panel was hand quilted around the lions...I put it on my frame and meandered all over it. The other three panels I had to trim and then matched up with some of my stash for the backings. I was glad to use them for "practice" on my long arm...after having the problem with skipped stitches. They all stitched perfect. My guild will be giving them to dialysis or chemo patients or to the Red Cross. I have several other projects for myself started also.

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  1. Love those Noah's Ark panels! How lovely to look through and find little treasures, and then they go to a good cause - great!


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