Monday, February 13, 2012

Crazy Machine!!!

Well, I didn't figure out why my machine wanted to skip stitches....I tried EVERYTHING!!! I have come to the conclusion that it was the backing fabric. It is a quilt for Community Sewing (that what the guild I belong to calls quilts that are to be given away) and it was very scrappy (2 1/2 inch strips sewed together) and the backing was donated fabric ( the kind with a small design printed on it in white).
I took it off the machine and today a "nonquilty" friend gave me a box of "stuff" a quilty friend gave her. In it was a panel, pinned together with batting and backing, that someone had began to hand quilt. Well, I just put it on my machine and meandered all over it (even on the hand stitching). It looks great...the machine did not SKIP any stitches. I did the happy dance!!! Now, I am off to cut some binding for it.

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