Monday, February 27, 2012

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival 2012

I bought the snowman pattern and kit..I hope it's finished by December !!!
Loved all the blues and small samplers!!

Love the red/black...I bought a ruler and a book to make some of these quilts!!!

Crown Jewels (on the left is in the book)

Love the black and white

Look at all the jar prints

A friend and I headed to Hampton VA  early Friday morning, by lunchtime, the shopping had begun!!! We were looking for Batiks for a guild workshop we will be attending in June. Of course, we found plenty of batiks. We  almost bought more than we could carry!!! We shopped Saturday and Sunday,too. We did buy several kits, specialty rulers, and patterns!!! Now we hope we have time to make some of them!!!
 My friend and I took two on using the curvemaster presser foot ( I am excited about trying that to make curves easier to sew. I'll post the pic of the block I made later). We also took a class using the Creative Curves Ellipse Ruler ( and I'll post that block later , also.)

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  1. I want to go to a Quilt Show! Looks like you had fun - there is nothing like the anticiaption of all that fabric! So pleased you enjoyed yourselves. Angie


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