Sunday, December 12, 2010

Asking your opinion...

paper pieced Christmas tree mug rug

I know I haven't made the last mug rug for the last ornament set....but I couldn't locate the pattern as I sat at my sewing machine,,,,but I did see the pattern for the one above. I am thinking that I will bind it with the same white snowflake fabric. Do you think the blue goes okay with the tree fabric? Instead of white, should I use a green fabric on the tree???  I'd love to have some input from others.


  1. I think the blue snowflake fabric goes very nicely. It looks like a tree that's outside. It's very pretty.

  2. I really like the white.. It looks like snow..and I like the blue background.
    I want to thank you for taking part in the Secret Santa swap. Hope it was enjoyable. Merry Christmas.

  3. I like the background, so the tree looks as though it's outside, and the white on the tree looks like some of those snowflakes have settled.

  4. The white looks looks like snow to me, very cute little block. This will be a cute mug rug!


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