Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aaaaa Hhhhhhh!!!

This is my fourth small quilt on my first free motion. I have used pantographs on the others. I was so pleased with wrinkles, front or tension problems, etc. Then I looked at the back...I had the wrong side of the fabric out!!!! Thank goodness, it's a fabric that looks good even on the wrong side!!! ( I guess it's true about pride before a fall!!!) I was happy with some of my quilting...lots more freedom of movement than on my little Kemore. I just stippled before.


  1. Your quilting looks very nice. The flowers are perfect for the fabric design.

  2. I can promise you, you'll never get the backing fabric wrong again - now how would I know that??

    It looks great, you're really bonding with your Empress from the look of it.

  3. Beautiful job quilting. Now, if you had not told us you got the wrong side on the backing noone would have ever known. Hugs


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