Friday, February 11, 2011

Did You Read This????

A friend was de-stashing and sent me some fabric. In the bottom of the bag was a newspaper print fabric with this story. (see pic of the newspaper fabric above).

Police Officer Jim Schneider was first to arrive on the scene of a domestic disturbance where a man was found buried under an extraordinarily large pile of fabric. Neighbors reported hearing muffled cries for help and phoned police to investigate. Upon arriving at the home, police made their way through mounds of quilting and sewing supplies to find the man, Thomas Baker, buried under what appeared to be a huge cache of fabric. The fabric apparently belonged to the victim’s wife, who was out, at a fabric sale, at the time of the incident. “I told that husband of mine not to go in there” his wife. Estelle, said. “It’ll probably take me three weeks to get those fabrics back in the right piles”. “Darn fool husband”. When asked about his wife’s rather large fabric collection, Baker, who was fine once he was freed from the pile of fabric, was quoted as saying , “You should see the room that holds all of her notions!”

I found this on a forum I read!!! It's so funny!!


  1. Cute, cute, cute. How did the wallpaper stripping go?

  2. Love it. I'm with her - don't touch my stuff. I know where everything is!

  3. A wonderful story - does your piece have the fabric printer's name - I would love to get a piece.


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