Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can A Quilter have TOO Many Panels????

Day 3 of stomach least I feel that I can move about some and not feel too queasy!!! I thought about the Christmas Quiltalong that Shakerwood Quilts ( Cathi) and Quilt Times ( Sue)  will be starting in February. Check out the pattern they are offering. I hope to make it,plus make up a panel also.  I got out the box labeled Christmas panels...and unfortunately I know 1 or 2 more are stored elsewhere!! Some of these are probably vintage by now....the first row middle , was a door panel that I used on my classroom door at least 25 years ago!!! I have fabric to go with most of which will I make for me, my favorite niece, my sister, etc.....With more than 13, I should find one I want to get made!!!


  1. I think the correct answer is no, a quilter cannot have too many - of anything. I haven't thought about what I'll make yet during the qal, but I think I have a panel put away, so that might be a good place to start. Love your little collection.

  2. I'm with Joanna, the correct answer is "NO".

  3. I don't think you could ever have too many, love the look of all of them :) It's been fun to come across your blog, I hope u feel better soon, Catherine


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