Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today , I learned I have several PhDs. That is not saying that I am REAL smart... it says I have several Project Half Done!! I have started cutting out blocks for a quilt that is called '10 Minute' Blocks Quilt. It will be mostly black and white with some red for accent. I hope to add a picture of a block later and let you know if it really is 10 Minute!!
     I have been busy planning the Guild's Fall Retreat. I contacted several motels in the area where we want to be located. There are many questions you have to ask; size of meeting room, meals available, costs of rooms, food, meeting room,etc. I got 3 proposal back. One was definitely too expensive but it would have been a very nice place to be. Meeting with the committee soon and we will choose between the two others.
    I hope to get two more of the Farmer's Wife Sampler completed also.

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