Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 Row By Row Experience

 I have been on several road trips with friends collecting patterns, kits and license plates. I have completed my first row. The picture above is from their shop...mine is reversed. My snowflakes did not show up in my snapshot so I decided to use theirs.  This is from Quilter's Corner Quilt Shop in Midlothian , Virginia. I bought their kit ( and it had the appliques precut, so I only had to iron on and blanket stitch around.)  I am not from Virginia so my next block will be from North Carolina. It is so hard to choose. They are so cute. When I get some roads made then I will have to decide about borders, sashing, how to add the shops' fabric license plates  ( they are 3 1/2" by & inches).Off to choose!!

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