Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Carousel in Raleigh NC

Angel Dogs for Vets collecting money to help the cause. The dogs could really work the crowd.
You gave the money to one of the dogs and they dropped it in the bucket.

The rest of the fellows (8 more) in a pile waiting their time
to work. All the dogs are "rescued" dogs.

Some of the artwork on display for sell

Love the wood items

Gingerbread houses....that would last forever!

Lots of wreaths

And of course....Santa
Every year , the Friday after Thanksgiving, I HAVE to go to the Christmas Carousel show in Raleigh. I love all the crafts and things to see & buy. Lots of jewelry, Christmas decor items, one of a kind gifts,etc.  I bought several items for MYSELF...a really cute Christmas shirt, for instance.

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  1. I miss going to that show. We used to be vendors there a LONG, LONG time ago. I'll have to try to talk Walt into going again some year soon.


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