Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Been busy lately doing quilty/nonquilty things, but still good or fun things...collecting food items for food baskets, raking leaves, taught last quilting class last night for this year, raking leaves, quilting a quilt for one of the beginners in my class ( her first quilt), raking leaves, cutting 6 inch squares for a student's senior project (she needs 5000 to make throws for chemo patient ..(.And I have plenty of fabric that's not large enough for a project?or I don't know why I every bought that piece!!) raking leaves,cooking/freezing collards for Thanksgiving and Christmas...( always cook a huge pot and freeze some so as not to smell up house later!!!) raking leaves!!! Can you figure out we have lots of trees??? 7 Oaks, numerous dogwoods, and several Bradford Pear...the colors are beautiful and the leaves are pretty falling to the ground.
I also tried to enter Quiltmaker's magazine Treasure Hunt contest. I believe some of the sponsor's really do not have the contest button on their website!!! I spent time looking when I could have been RAKING LEAVES!!


  1. Oh gah, the raking. We've been in complete denial about it this year. We have pine trees all over our yard, and they've been going nuts. I try to keep our driveway clear at least. I figure we'll have one marathon session in a few weeks once the bulk of the pine needles and leaves have dropped. Looks like you've certainly been productive lately!

  2. LOL. What a shame there isn't a magical way to turn all those leaves into fabric!


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