Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shopping for retreat

Yesterday ,one of my friends accompanied me to Raleigh to do some door prize shopping and to check out possible hotel sites for our Guild's Fall Retreat. We found terrific door prizes at JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics, Carolina Sew N Vac, Wish Upon A Quilt, and Bernina World of Sewing. I wish I could show you some of the items we got, but some retreaters may be readers ( and it's a secret!!) It wonderful spending money that is not mine...but I would love to win every item. If we do "dirty" door prize...I know some will be fought over. We found a wonderful place to cater the Saturday & Sunday lunches ( that's a secret also). All the secrets will come out later. Tomorrow or Tuesday, I hope to finalize the place we will be staying & that all comes down to the cost of the conference room. We found a beautiful place ( if the price is right!!) Now I just have to make each door prize look "Pretty" . I think I may be going to Michael"s this afternoon to find packaging supplies ( boxes, bags, & ribbons)

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  1. spotted the giveaway I'm having on your side bar! Thank you....your name is now in another special drawing!! Good luck!!


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