Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid Atlantic Quilt Show quilts

I loved this one....it goes back to my farm roots!

My granddaughter's favorite stories.

Loved the colors....a lot of work

So cute!!

Stunning applique!!!

So real looking!!

Beautiful use of color....HAND quilted....and the back was hand appliqued with cords etc. to "hide" the hand stitches!!! Took 3 years to make!!

Beautiful applique

I want to do a bargello ( Ihave the book with this pattern in it.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival 2012

I bought the snowman pattern and kit..I hope it's finished by December !!!
Loved all the blues and small samplers!!

Love the red/black...I bought a ruler and a book to make some of these quilts!!!

Crown Jewels (on the left is in the book)

Love the black and white

Look at all the jar prints

A friend and I headed to Hampton VA  early Friday morning, by lunchtime, the shopping had begun!!! We were looking for Batiks for a guild workshop we will be attending in June. Of course, we found plenty of batiks. We  almost bought more than we could carry!!! We shopped Saturday and Sunday,too. We did buy several kits, specialty rulers, and patterns!!! Now we hope we have time to make some of them!!!
 My friend and I took two workshops...one on using the curvemaster presser foot ( I am excited about trying that to make curves easier to sew. I'll post the pic of the block I made later). We also took a class using the Creative Curves Ellipse Ruler ( and I'll post that block later , also.)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's wrong with this picture???

What's missing????  The rest of the class...only my friend and I were still working trying to finish a block in the class we signed up for at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest in Hampton VA!!!! The other sewing machine was left by a participant that left it with us while she shopped!!! The class was not quite long enough for us to complete our block and ,of course, we wanted one done.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hitting the road!!!!

Yipee!!! Skipee! Car packed and ready to head up to Hampton VA for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Fest!!!!
Love the quilts and the vendors!!!  This year we signed up for a class!!! Will post results of that .

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Latest projects

A "nonquilty" friend (she handquilts but does not sew) had a "quilty" friend give her several boxes of fabric, panels, blocks, UFOs, etc.  She asked me if I wanted them....It's like winning a "major award"!!! The Lion king panel was hand quilted around the lions...I put it on my frame and meandered all over it. The other three panels I had to trim and then matched up with some of my stash for the backings. I was glad to use them for "practice" on my long arm...after having the problem with skipped stitches. They all stitched perfect. My guild will be giving them to dialysis or chemo patients or to the Red Cross. I have several other projects for myself started also.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Crazy Machine!!!

Well, I didn't figure out why my machine wanted to skip stitches....I tried EVERYTHING!!! I have come to the conclusion that it was the backing fabric. It is a quilt for Community Sewing (that what the guild I belong to calls quilts that are to be given away) and it was very scrappy (2 1/2 inch strips sewed together) and the backing was donated fabric ( the kind with a small design printed on it in white).
I took it off the machine and today a "nonquilty" friend gave me a box of "stuff" a quilty friend gave her. In it was a panel, pinned together with batting and backing, that someone had began to hand quilt. Well, I just put it on my machine and meandered all over it (even on the hand stitching). It looks great...the machine did not SKIP any stitches. I did the happy dance!!! Now, I am off to cut some binding for it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quilter's Calculators

If you ever need to determine how many strips of fabric to cut or how many triangles from a strip, etc.... check out http://www.blockcentral.com/calculators.shtml. I saved it as a favorite.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Machine skipping stitches!!!

My long arm has gone CRAZY!!! My last quilt in December, PERFECT.  Today nothing corrects its'problem of skipping stitches...turn power on/off, changed thread, rethreaded again, bobbin, needle, needle again, clean tracks and rollers,  checked for dust or threads...still skipped stitches. I made a quilt to give Red Cross...regular 100% cotton fabrics. Read manual again...guess I look on some boards for answers (Hopefully)